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Also known as: Alatiel, Nebthet
Alignment: True Neutral
Age: eternal
Spheres of Influence: life and death, nature, renewal, destiny, absolute truth, beauty

Origination: From the ethers of chaos and darkness that were present from the beginnings of time, a faint essence appeared to breathe life into the universe, its realm of influence growing ever stronger and piercing ever further with the advent of time. Thus was born the first incarnation of the goddess Vinaya, from whose name come the words of the ancient tongue Viney ("truth, order, and discipline") and Vanya ("beauty").

Characteristics: Few mortals have gazed upon the true visage of this ancient goddess, who has been known to manifest in numerous forms. Those who have been granted an audience with the most powerful of the immortals, however, have been left with her image forever impressed in their minds: long, flowing black hair the color of a moonless night, s treaming about her like the seaweed being swept by waves... vibrant eyes that pierce the soul, seemingly colorless, yet somehow not... and the normally elusive hy'lfar, casting their soft blue light as they slowly circle around Vinaya in a slow, seemingly whimsical dance to please the goddess...

Sacred Symbols: the single drop of water that causes ripples, chenowythe blossoms, the dark kestrel rising before a setting sun, the silken strands of the spider web

Sacred Animals: the scarlet ibis, the dark kestrel, and the hy'lfar

Patron of: carriers of peace, messengers, those seeking refuge, travelers, scholars, poets, and artists
Associated with:
the gently cleansing rains, rolling white mists, the rising moon

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