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Aeons ago, near the beginning of time, when all of the world lay in waste and chaos, a light appeared in the distant horizon, showering down in the form of a vast and mighty goddess.  Vaire, the Child of the Heavens, born of an innocence and purity unheard of and since then never again known, brought with her a vision: peace, prosperity, and overflowing life in a realm of abundance...  a second heaven...   mirroring the realms of the gods, but where mortals could live, grow, and flourish.

     She sent a cry throughout the heavens of her vision, along with a plea for help.  Although she was powerful, she was yet a young goddess, unlearned in the ways of the Mysteries.   Several gods and goddesses heard Vaire's plea and felt her sincere desire for a perfect realm mirroring that of the heavens...  They surrounded her in all their glory, among them: Vinaya, the goddess of light and order, Alamaise, god of fire and renewal, Chronos, bringer of time and passage, and Loki, god of cunning and disguise. Loki named the vision Elysium, a land of idyllic repose and perfection, but he knew that it would no be so...  Peering deeply into the sceptre of Chronos, Loki saw that this vision would fail -- a world of peace and  prosperity would not be born...    but a world of death, destruction, chaos, and defilement such that would appall the gods into turning away... 


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