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Also known as: god of life and shadows, god of the forests
Age: It is rumored that even Sling doesn't know his own age, as he has lived several different lives in numerous realms.
Origination: No one knows for sure, but legends say that he was first seen in this realm near the town of Scryb in the Red Wood forest.
Symbol: a six-colored apple with a bite taken out, the first being green
(plants/growth), yellow (the sun which illuminates our faults as
well as accomplishments), orange (safety of one's self and
surroundings), red (caution/death), purple (the beauty and vanity of
life), and finally, blue (water, giver of life).

Animal: all forms of life are sacred in one way or another
Patron of: humans, to whom he gave agriculture; gargoyles to whom he gave
the mission to defend life
Associated with: growth and renewal as well as death, which is a part of