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Also known as:   the Red Jedi Horseman of War
Age: Set was born of the original pentarch of Drow gods from the union between the hidden creatives forces of the universe and the primordial void. He is among the oldest creatures in the universe.
Origination: Set is an honored and feared god of the Drow, who share common lineage with the ancient Kemites.

Favorite residence: the traditional homes of Kemetic spiritual power, the merkhut or pyramid. It is rumored that he has a secret Black Pyramid which floats in the skies of Elysium, unknown and unfindable. Symbol: Like all Drow and Kemite gods, Set is most often known by the ankh symbol, which means numerous things in Drow myth.

Animal: the now-extinct Typhonian beast, a coyote-like creature with dark red fur and a head that had equal parts anteater and fox

Patron: Set was once reviled as an evil god, but is now the very symbol of Drow racial unity. He is the god of opposition, forever standing against his brother Ausar. When the Drow people were driven from
the plains of Elysium by humans claiming the flag of Ausar, Set became the xenophobic symbol of freedom for the Drow.

Associated with: northern skies and southern lands, Het ka Nebthet,
the color red, sidhe, pangolids, adamantite, and fire

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