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Also known as: The Big R
Age: 27
Sacred Symbols: Strong winds, Unusual silence, Darkness
Sacred Animals: Black Snakes, Black Dragons
Patron of: none
Associated with: none

Characteristics: Long Black slightly wavy hair, with bangs thatcover uphalf of his face. His eyes are deep blue in color and appear as if they are looking into your soul. The dimple in the middle of his chin is an excellent compliment to his extremely well defined cheeks. He can usually be seen wearing a white tunic and a leather jerkincolored gray. With his black stealth cloak hanging from hisshoulders.

Origination: Ralon was born to "Larno" the God of deception, and"Belzia" the Queen of Corruption. His fathers affair with a mortal did not go unnoticed. Belzia was banished from her kingdom who later died byteh acts of her own corruption. Larno was returned to the land ofmortals as his punishment. The Gods said that "the one who defeatsLarnoshall take his place amongst the immortals." Larno roamed freelyfor13 yrs, until one day Ralon crossed his path.... A man who slays his own father to become immortal himself, is a man to be feared and not trusted.