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All Ye Who Seek a Chance to Build or Code!

Creative? Skilled in Circle Code? Smart?
Your talents are wanted on the MUD World Elysium!

Never built before? No problem!
Never got to express your creativity? No problem!
Stupid? Okay, THAT'S a problem!
Been stuck on a MUD which stifled your creativity?

Then come to Elysium!

    Elysium supports a staff of knowledgable, experienced administrators, builders, and coders, that want to help you as best as they can.  If you've never built on a MUD before, but have always wanted to give it a try, our supportive Building department can show you the ropes, and give you all the information it takes to learn how to build for a MUD.  Our coding staff, equally knowledgable in their department, is also willing to show you the ins and outs of their trade, and any time there's a problem, we'll be sure to be there to give a helping hand.

To apply for a building or coding position, follow this link to our online application form,


contact Vinaya, Gandanor, or Brement.


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