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W E B  P A G E  U P D A T E S

2/16: Changed graphics due to address change.  Fiddled with the headline table on the main page, adding dates of headlines and changing the color scheme on it for easier use.  The Immortal page has also been updated to reflect the new religion system, with the three Spheres of Influence now replacing the original table that was there before.  Once all new immortal profiles are recieved, I will move the names into the correct spheres - at the moment, however, the names remain in relatively arbitrary positions.

1/21: Perfectionist that I am, the Elysium logo has been changed again - this time I think I've finally hit on a design I like, and I expect this one to stay.  I've also managed to fix that little bug on the button bar above - before, there was a rogue blue line at the bottom of it, which wasn't supposed to be there.  After a little bit of toying around, however, i managed to purge that.  Also decided that a frames version of this page was really unncessesary, and would only mean more work for me in the end - after all, doing 2 sets of pages gets a bit redundant after a while.  With the button bar on the top of every page, I think that will replace the frames pages adequatly.

1/11/99 - Still working on that help tied up during the holidays, or ti'd be finished by now.   I've itrashed the Delphi message boards in favor of the Yourbbs system - I find it to be more reliable and easier to use.  Also did some updates on the News Headlines.

12/24: Work beginning on reformatting Index page and online help system.  News page updated.

12/7: I've added quite a few things this time. First, there's the new species list on the race page, listing all of the race and subrace groups - eventually, each one of those will lead to unique pages.   I've also put in a lot of Immortal profile pages, although I have a lot more left to install. I've also got to do the mortal profiles too, whenever I get the time.   The hyperlinks at the very bottom of every page have been fixed on my cpu, i just have to upload the fix. Also made a few very minor adjustments to the news page, indluding a headlines section to the left - it'll eventually anchor down to the stories below, so that when the news gets bulky enough, it'll make it easier than scrolling through to see what articles to read.  At the moment, not too usefull, but has promises for later use. Emails of remaining immortals added to Immortal table.  Morkidan and Loric, two new immortals, also added to immortal page.

12/4: Frames version of webpage installed.   Tablet of mortal legends added to mortal section.

11/28: Online applicaton updated, with added questions.  Email sent to Ringdancer about Immortal and Race portraits. Elysium News graphic added.

11/27: Web page update: Delphi forum added, as well as a few neat graphic tid-bits here and there.  Still playing around with a table of contents at the bottom of the main page.  Page break errors fixed on the index page, as well as in the Mythology section, and a few other places (I hope, anyway...we'll see).  Also did a few nice touches to the news columns, as you can see below. Zmud link added to the index page to give new players easier accesiblity to a mud client.

11/26 : Online immortal application form operational.

November 1998: The New Elysium Webpage opens.

Elysium Current Events

Spring Festival Planned
Plans are now in for the Spring Festival of Elysium, which will be held on Saturday, March 20 1999.  The event, which will include a Masquerade Ball, food, prizes, and much more, will take place in the capitol of the Faerie Kingodm, Castle Aragon.  All Elyisumites are invited to attend, and we hope to have a great time.  More information on this event will be posted as the date comes closer.

Tired of Lag?
Beginning February 1st, the realms of Elysium shall be relocated in a new universe, stolen from the lands of Phoenix to be taken to a more tranquil place, free of Lag Demons. Those who dare to follow shall be mercilessly slaughtered by the immortals, and the truly stubborn ones shall be slain by the Paladin of Stability, the honorable T3. Let us all pay homage...
  Announcements shall follow within a few days...
Lady Vinaya

Codebase Change Update
Elysium has finally finalized our new codebase, which will be based on the Dragonlib code.  With this decision in place, work can now begin on customizing the code to fit our ideas and concepts.  So, if you have any ideas or suggestions on what you'd like to see out of this, please send them our way! We're very interested in any and all ideas, and, in such a turbulent time of change, we're interested in everything you have to say! Email us, mudmail us, use the idea command or the bulletin boards, for they're often checked.  This is your land to, here's your chance to make an impact on it.

Promotions & Additions
Congratulations to Raguel on being promoted to his new position of Loremaster of Elysium!  Also, welcome Telgaris and Memnoch as the newest additions to the Elysium Pantheon.  With the restructuring of the Pantheon currently taking place, more announcements should soon be expected, as the Immortals of the realm take their places within the spheres of Influence.


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