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The Pantheon of Elysium is great and diverse, containing entities capable of both love and malice, benevolence and hatred.  The range of ethos in the heavens is like a spectrum of colors; but, all of the Pantheon falls under the three Spheres of Influence, the most powerful forces in the lands, under which all other religions and Immortals fall.   These three spheres are based upon the  basic powers of the universe: Law, Neutrality, and Chaos.  Vinaya, Goddess of Elysium, is the divine power of Neutrality, the absolute truth of the realms, and under her wing falls the Fate of Elysium.  Gandanor Paendrag is the keeper of the mortal realms, the protector of all that is good in Elysium, the preserver of honor, justice, and valor.  Brement Arvillo, the Conqueror, is the Dark Lord of Elysium, the wielder of chaos, the lord of Intrigue, and his fancy is the baser instincts of man - greed, lust, avarice, evil.

  Below you will find the lore of the Pantheon, in its entirety, seperated by their individual spheres of influence.   Click on the name of the individual to learn more about these beings.

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