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Name: Morkidan Ophidian
Also known as: Xedric, Jedd

Sacred Symbols: A red sickle surrounded by two red stars, with a green-outlined magical feather in the background; all is embroided into a black flag.
Sacred Animals: The sphinx, and corpsers. (Corpsers are chaotic, living plants that sprout out of the ground into three thin, long arms with a mouth full of razor, sharp teeth connected at the end of each arm. It lives only to bring death to those foolish enough to walk close enough.)
Patron of: Chaos, Shadow and Destruction
Associated with: Drow, Saurians, Shadows
Age: Infinite

Origination: I arrived in Elysium after a long voyage over the vast sea from the ruins of Movado, my homeland.

Characteristics: Morkidan has pale, blue eyes and usually has a sly smile upon his face. With stark white hair, and a skull-like appearance, he is a strange sight to behold.