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Also known as: The PenDragon, The Dragon, The Celestial Paladin, The Eternal Champion
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: At first impression mid-30's; but his faceshows signs ofhaving seen and done things that must have taken maylifetimes.

Sacred Symbols: A rising red sign with golden rays, a sword burningwith ablue-white fire, and dragons particularly a huge bodiedancientlooking silver-grey one
Sacred Animals: Dragons( as above); it is even rumored that Gandanorcan assumethe form of a huge silver-grey dragon and can walkthe world testing heroes of great character to join his host in Avalonafter theypass from the mortal releam
Patron of:  Those who oppose evil with force; those whopledge to sacrifice for the greater good. Those of great courage andhonor.
Associated with: The rising sun, a beam of bright light breakingthrough stormclouds.

Characteristics: A very tall human, well over 2 meters in height,with longbrown hair tied back in a pony tail which reaches mid-back. His hairhas red-gold highlights that seem to give off a soft-glowlike thatof the rising sun. His eyes are bluish-grey that sometime seem to have thelook of an angry sea, at others the gleem like like new forgedsteel andsometimes they have the look of a cloudless sky. He has ashiningreddish-gold aura underneath which can be seen armor of some strangebluish silvermaterial. His helm is made to look like a red-dragons head and he carriesa hand and a half sword which shines with it's own silver-goldlight,when the sword is drawn and held overhead it glows so fiercely thatallshadows are banished.

Origination: Paendrag means "song of the dragon" in the old tongue.Gandanor has been a mortal man during several lifetimes indifferentplaces and times. His is but one aspect of the Eternal Champion whorises tooppose evil in times of great need.