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Also known as: M'nar Arranach (in drow, this means "harbinger of chaos")
Alignment: True Neutral
Age: Ageless.

Sacred Symbols: The scorpion, with bat wings attatched to its back.
Sacred Animals: Scorpion
Patron of: Chaos and intrigue
Associated with: Drow, Gargoyles

Characteristics: Brement is a being of chaos. He revels in the innumerable possibilities of life, the ebb and flow of power throughout the universe. Pain and suffering are trivial, mere inconveniences to the grander scheme of things. Turmoil is the lifeforce of this being, and every day he strives to find new ways to bring just a little more chaos into the land.
It should be noted that Brement is not, however, an evil being. He is, in essence, a part of the essential balancing forces of the universe. Without chaos, there would be no order - without order, there would be no chaos. Brement would be, by most, categorized more as a neutral being.

Origination: Brement was once nothing more than a wisp of etheral gases in some distant nebulae, without any thought of sentience or intelligent life. He was, quite simply, a small mass of trace gases and particles floating happily about in the vastness of space. However, as the realm of Elysium was formed, and Vaire beckoned throughout the multiverse, this collection of gases somehow became triggered by the call. It suddenly became sentient, aware of its surroundings, and it beckoned to Vaire's plea for help. Given the ability to morph into any being, Vaire gave Brement the task of maintaining the balance of the realms through chaos, and even to this date he remains ever vigilant in this task.